Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Week With Dexcom

So it’s been a little over a week with my new dexcom!! I  absolutely LOVE it! Sometimes the readings are a little off from my blood sugar but it’s still getting used to what my blood sugars are. So I have to have my mom put the dexcom in me because the device is somewhat big so I had her do it. The first time and my second time of putting it in, I have put it in my arm both those times. I’ve heard mixed feels of people putting it in their arm, but I personally like it! It sometimes gets in the way but I feel like no matter where I put it, it will be in the way haha. So I’m really loving it in my arm right now! In the beginning I wasn’t sure if it would hurt and I was asking around to everyone if they used numbing cream. Some people said to use the cream and then some people said that I wouldn’t need the cream. Well I didn’t use the cream and it doesn’t hurt that bad! I was really surprised! I had my mom pinch my skin up so there was fat on my arm of where she put the device and with her pinching my skin it didn’t hurt that bad! I’m in love this and I really recommend it to everyone! If you have any questions about the dexcom or any other questions just message me on facebook! I’d love to answer them!

~Stay Strong