Friday, October 17, 2014

Excited for November 1st!

I can’t believe that it’s almost diabetes awareness month It’s getting so close! Diabetes awareness month is actually one of my favorite months (besides December for Christmas and June my birthday month). It’s a month to spread awareness and also what I like to say, a month to celebrate our illness! It’s our month to shine and celebrate that we are strong people getting through our terrible illness. November 1st is when I start to wear blue every day of the month! I like to try to wear blue every day and I like to post pictures ALL over facebook and instagram. How do you like to spread your awareness for diabetes month?

 During diabetes awareness month I get the opportunity to work with my very good friend Hadley, on our Believe in Blue event. It is an event that teens can go (yes I like to act like I’m a teen at times, even though I’m 20 so I can do some fun things like this!!) and hang out with other diabetics. It is located in the Cincinnati Zoo on November 15th. There is going to be a DJ from our local radio station Q102 AND Miss Idaho is coming to be a guest speaker!! I am VERY excited to spend the WHOLE week with Miss Idaho! It’s been very stressful at times planning this event but I am so glad that I get to be able to help out Hadley! J

 I also have started my own jewelry line called, Loving Jewelry. I have been working on some bracelets and necklaces lately and I even have them selling at a local hair salon. I started this jewelry line so that I can raise some money for JDRF. Half of the money goes towards JDRF. I am so happy that all of that is coming together.

  an event, making jewelry, interning at JDRF, working, and going to school full time (I graduate next fall! So 
My life has been going great and I am so blessed that I get to do everything that I have been doing! Planningexciting!!). I hope that everyone is doing great and DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR BLUE SOON IN NOVEMBER!

~Stay Strong~