Sunday, November 16, 2014

My mom is an amazing leader

For my leadership class we had to write about a leader. It could be someone famous or someone that they know. When we started talking about who we wanted to write about I thought of my mom right away. So here is my paper that I wrote about:

Evelyn Loving
Leadership Analysis Paper
Due: Monday, November 17, 2014

When Dr. Leslie told us pick out who we think a leader is I thought about my mom right away. The reason why my mom is considered a leader is from all the work that she does. She is a true leader, who does have many followers. She works hard on everything that she does. She’s a wonderful mom, but also a wonderful and strong leader.
She is involved in two nonprofit organizations. The two organizations are JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and The Hemophilia Foundation. She does all what she can to spread awareness to these nonprofit organizations. What she does is she blogs for them, she volunteers for The Hemophilia Foundation, she works at JDRF, and she gives all her time to talk to others about them. Whenever she meets people that either have diabetes or have hemophilia she always tries to talk to them about them so that they can also get involved. She wants people to feel like they are wanted even when they do have an illness.
My mom is a mentor for JDRF, for families that have a newly diabetic in their family. She talks to the parents and tells them that everything is going to be alright and that she knows what its like to have to go through that. When she talks to the families she tells them that she is there for them no matter what. My sister and I are type one diabetics and she has been the biggest supporter for us. My brother is a hemophiliac so she will also talk to families that have a son with hemophilia and also tell them that she understands what they are going through and that she is there for them. That is how my mom got started with those non profits.
“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” (Jack Welch). Reading that quote reminds me of my mom. Once she became a leader all she wanted to do and still does to this day is helping others. Not once does she think of herself, it’s always wanting to do something for others and making sure that they are doing well. Even when she isn’t doing well herself, she still takes the time to help everyone else.
The type of leader I think that she represents is a servant leader. With her wanting to put others before herself is something that I think is seen as strong and caring. In our book “The Art and Science of Leadership” the characteristics that they talk about for being a servant leader are focused on followers, motivated by service, humble, authentic, accountable, empathetic, empowering, and first among equals. All those characteristics describe my mom perfectly. She works hard in all that she does. I really look up to her for that.
There are many people that look up to my mom, not just I. Here are some quotes that people have said about her. “She never lets anything be a road block in her life. She hops over that road block and finds ways to push it away from others. She’s the best cheerleader” (Dora Daniels). “Jen has tireless energy for things that she is passionate about- what drives her passion is her family. She does countless hours of volunteering for JDRF and the Hemophilia Society and still has the energy to be a great mom, wife, and friend. Her energy inspires others to volunteer and others to take charge in their own lives make a difference” (Kristen Lundy). “A leader is someone who fearlessly accepts a challenge and has the courage to do things that are scary but necessary. Jen Loving perfectly embodies these traits” (Lori Schultz).

All those quotes are all so true about my mom. She even inspires me to be a good leader for my followers. In everything she does she puts one hundred percent in to it. She never gives up on anything which is amazing. JDRF and the Hemophilia Society are more than thankful to have my mom since she works hard and helps all her followers. I hope that one day I will be the best leader just like her.