Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How do you feel when you're low?

So recently I have noticed that when I am low, lets say 61, I will drink something like juice or eat smarties and for some reason a couple minutes after I will treat a low feel lower. I’ll check again and I will be even lower, let’s say 55. I know you have to wait 15 minutes after you eat something to check again and then if you didn’t go up you have to treat it again. Well for some reason I will have no active insulin from my pump and it will take forever for my blood sugar to even hit 100. With this I feel so annoyed with diabetes right now. The feeling for being low is the worst feeling. When I am low I feel annoyed, impatient, frustrated, hopeless, tired, and many other things. It’s only when I am low or even high when I feel the most frustrated with my body. Sometimes I can’t even control my mood or my actions. I even look drunk when I am low because I really just feel out of it. There are times when I am low and I feel alone because no one around me can really understand how I am actually feeling at that right moment. Sometimes I just have to step out of the room of where I am and treat myself and just try to relax which can be hard to do when I feel different half the time. I was just wondering how you guys felt when you were low…. Do you feel the same way I feel or different? Just curious on how people can feel their lows.

~Stay Strong~