Sunday, November 16, 2014

My mom is an amazing leader

For my leadership class we had to write about a leader. It could be someone famous or someone that they know. When we started talking about who we wanted to write about I thought of my mom right away. So here is my paper that I wrote about:

Evelyn Loving
Leadership Analysis Paper
Due: Monday, November 17, 2014

When Dr. Leslie told us pick out who we think a leader is I thought about my mom right away. The reason why my mom is considered a leader is from all the work that she does. She is a true leader, who does have many followers. She works hard on everything that she does. She’s a wonderful mom, but also a wonderful and strong leader.
She is involved in two nonprofit organizations. The two organizations are JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and The Hemophilia Foundation. She does all what she can to spread awareness to these nonprofit organizations. What she does is she blogs for them, she volunteers for The Hemophilia Foundation, she works at JDRF, and she gives all her time to talk to others about them. Whenever she meets people that either have diabetes or have hemophilia she always tries to talk to them about them so that they can also get involved. She wants people to feel like they are wanted even when they do have an illness.
My mom is a mentor for JDRF, for families that have a newly diabetic in their family. She talks to the parents and tells them that everything is going to be alright and that she knows what its like to have to go through that. When she talks to the families she tells them that she is there for them no matter what. My sister and I are type one diabetics and she has been the biggest supporter for us. My brother is a hemophiliac so she will also talk to families that have a son with hemophilia and also tell them that she understands what they are going through and that she is there for them. That is how my mom got started with those non profits.
“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” (Jack Welch). Reading that quote reminds me of my mom. Once she became a leader all she wanted to do and still does to this day is helping others. Not once does she think of herself, it’s always wanting to do something for others and making sure that they are doing well. Even when she isn’t doing well herself, she still takes the time to help everyone else.
The type of leader I think that she represents is a servant leader. With her wanting to put others before herself is something that I think is seen as strong and caring. In our book “The Art and Science of Leadership” the characteristics that they talk about for being a servant leader are focused on followers, motivated by service, humble, authentic, accountable, empathetic, empowering, and first among equals. All those characteristics describe my mom perfectly. She works hard in all that she does. I really look up to her for that.
There are many people that look up to my mom, not just I. Here are some quotes that people have said about her. “She never lets anything be a road block in her life. She hops over that road block and finds ways to push it away from others. She’s the best cheerleader” (Dora Daniels). “Jen has tireless energy for things that she is passionate about- what drives her passion is her family. She does countless hours of volunteering for JDRF and the Hemophilia Society and still has the energy to be a great mom, wife, and friend. Her energy inspires others to volunteer and others to take charge in their own lives make a difference” (Kristen Lundy). “A leader is someone who fearlessly accepts a challenge and has the courage to do things that are scary but necessary. Jen Loving perfectly embodies these traits” (Lori Schultz).

All those quotes are all so true about my mom. She even inspires me to be a good leader for my followers. In everything she does she puts one hundred percent in to it. She never gives up on anything which is amazing. JDRF and the Hemophilia Society are more than thankful to have my mom since she works hard and helps all her followers. I hope that one day I will be the best leader just like her. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Excited for November 1st!

I can’t believe that it’s almost diabetes awareness month It’s getting so close! Diabetes awareness month is actually one of my favorite months (besides December for Christmas and June my birthday month). It’s a month to spread awareness and also what I like to say, a month to celebrate our illness! It’s our month to shine and celebrate that we are strong people getting through our terrible illness. November 1st is when I start to wear blue every day of the month! I like to try to wear blue every day and I like to post pictures ALL over facebook and instagram. How do you like to spread your awareness for diabetes month?

 During diabetes awareness month I get the opportunity to work with my very good friend Hadley, on our Believe in Blue event. It is an event that teens can go (yes I like to act like I’m a teen at times, even though I’m 20 so I can do some fun things like this!!) and hang out with other diabetics. It is located in the Cincinnati Zoo on November 15th. There is going to be a DJ from our local radio station Q102 AND Miss Idaho is coming to be a guest speaker!! I am VERY excited to spend the WHOLE week with Miss Idaho! It’s been very stressful at times planning this event but I am so glad that I get to be able to help out Hadley! J

 I also have started my own jewelry line called, Loving Jewelry. I have been working on some bracelets and necklaces lately and I even have them selling at a local hair salon. I started this jewelry line so that I can raise some money for JDRF. Half of the money goes towards JDRF. I am so happy that all of that is coming together.

  an event, making jewelry, interning at JDRF, working, and going to school full time (I graduate next fall! So 
My life has been going great and I am so blessed that I get to do everything that I have been doing! Planningexciting!!). I hope that everyone is doing great and DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR BLUE SOON IN NOVEMBER!

~Stay Strong~


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Crazy Life

Hello all!!!
I know I have not made a post in a couple of months but I have been BUSY! Many things have been happening and have happened!
   Earlier this year I interned for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). It was an AMAZING experience! I was able to work on the Tour De Cure which happened in June. I actually made a really good friend, Essence who also interned with me. I learned a lot from it and I am so thankful that I was able to do work for ADA.

 Also in June I turned the BIG 20!! FINALLY not a teenager anymore (haha). Still an awkward age but happy to say that I am officially an adult. For some reason I do feel way older than my age...

 In the summer I worked two jobs which was fun and tiring! I worked and still work at Hallmark (almost 4 years with them..) and then I was a nanny for a 9 year old diabetic boy. He is such a joy to be around and I LOVE that family! It is an awesome feeling knowing that his mom can trust me and know that I can really take care of him and know what to do when he is either low or high. He is like my little brother and even though we did get a little annoyed with each other (when our blood sugars were both high) it was an amazing and fun summer with him! :)

  I also went to diabetes camp this year! I was with the 10 year old girls and two of them I had for the third time! That was a fun and TIRING week for sure. Sleepless and long nights but so worth it!

   Now since school has started I am now in my third year in college at UC. I only have 3 more semesters and then I graduate! This semester I am getting the chance to intern at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I am more than excited to do some work for them! I am beyond blessed that I am getting all these opportunities before I graduate. I really can't wait to see where life will take me after these 3 semesters.  

   I also have been working with my really good friend, Hadley George, on our Teen With Diabetes Gala which is happening on November 15 at the Cincinnati Zoo! It has been such an amazing experience helping and planning for an event. I am so glad that Hadley came to me about this and I am so happy that everything is coming together! (For more information contact me or Hadley)
 So over all this year has been great and I really can't wait to see what else will happen this year! I hope that you all are doing well and that everything is going good!

~Stay Strong~

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1, 2012

On this day two years ago, something life changing happened to me. Something that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. I never thought anything so serious would ever happen to me. I was sent to the hospital because something was not right. On that day I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Right after I graduated from high school and only a couple of days before my 18th birthday I was going through this. When they told me that I was a diabetic I didn’t want to believe them. I didn’t have any feelings from this because I was just so in shock. I didn’t even cry. The moment in the room was just so silent that my mom didn’t even know what to say. So many things were coming up in my head. I just never wanted it to happen to me. Throughout these two years I have figured out who my true friends are. Some I lost and some I gained. My boyfriend even stayed with me through this. He came right to the hospital when he could and was there when I got out. To this day he still is with me and he takes care of me all the time. I am so beyond blessed to have a man like him who is willing to care for me. Now my friends…my truest friends texted me while I was at Children’s. And even to this day they are still my best friends ever. My newest friends I have only known for a year, and they are the most supportive people ever. When I first met them I did tell them about my diabetes. They didn’t care and they didn’t judge. They make sure that I am always feeling alright and I am so beyond blessed to have them. Now my family…They would do anything for me. They have stood by my side since day one and they continue to stay by my side. They are my biggest supporters and I truly do have the best family ever. This disease has made me into a strong person than ever before. It has changed my life for the best. It has made me figure out what I want to do with my life. This bad and terrible disease has actually made my life happy. Things happen for a reason and I really think that this did happen for a reason.

~Stay Strong~

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"What is it like being a type 1 diabetic?"

So I saw this status that my friend Justine Perkins wrote and I thought that I would share it with everyone.

"What is it like being a type 1 diabetic? Imagine living a life where you have this huge weight on your back all the time. Its like you never really get to live. You are always in a state of fear because you never know what could happen. You don't know if your blood sugar will manage through the night. You don't know if you'll wake up. You feel like a burden to others because they have to look out for you. You go through crazy mood swings based on your blood sugar. Its a huge emotional roller coaster. Its life where you have to depend on a bottle of insulin to survive. Its a restraint. You cant always do what your friends do. You feel like no one understands you. Its a major responsibility, you have to grow up faster and learn to take care of yourself. People don't always realize that its a disease and it could kill you. But hopefully its not a lifelong battle. I hope they find a cure. And hopefully one day we won't have to explain how hard life with diabetes is but instead, what life without type 1 diabetes is like."

Being a diabetic is a 24/7 job. We worry constantly and I don't know about you, but I stress about it a lot. What if we don't check our blood sugar before bed? What could happen to us? There is that feeling of feeling alone and feeling like you are a burden to others. You need to tell people when you are around them just so that they know if something happens to you, but there is still that feeling that if you tell them then they are going to worry about you the whole time they are with you. I told my friends right away because my mood swings are crazy. When I am low I act crazier than usual. Then when I am high I get mad at the littlest things. I didn't want them to think there was something weird about me. Something that Justine said was "It's life where you have to depend on a bottle of insulin to survive". This statement is so true. We depend on insulin for everything we do. No matter what we will always need that bottle of insulin. I hope one day we wont have to depend on that bottle of insulin. Hoping for that day soon.

~Stay Strong~


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How do you feel when you're low?

So recently I have noticed that when I am low, lets say 61, I will drink something like juice or eat smarties and for some reason a couple minutes after I will treat a low feel lower. I’ll check again and I will be even lower, let’s say 55. I know you have to wait 15 minutes after you eat something to check again and then if you didn’t go up you have to treat it again. Well for some reason I will have no active insulin from my pump and it will take forever for my blood sugar to even hit 100. With this I feel so annoyed with diabetes right now. The feeling for being low is the worst feeling. When I am low I feel annoyed, impatient, frustrated, hopeless, tired, and many other things. It’s only when I am low or even high when I feel the most frustrated with my body. Sometimes I can’t even control my mood or my actions. I even look drunk when I am low because I really just feel out of it. There are times when I am low and I feel alone because no one around me can really understand how I am actually feeling at that right moment. Sometimes I just have to step out of the room of where I am and treat myself and just try to relax which can be hard to do when I feel different half the time. I was just wondering how you guys felt when you were low…. Do you feel the same way I feel or different? Just curious on how people can feel their lows.

~Stay Strong~



Friday, March 28, 2014

Guest Post: Meet Justine Perkins, who has type one diabetes!

Hi. My name is Justine and I have Type 1 diabetes. Having Type 1 means that my pancreas does not produce insulin needed to balance my blood sugar. So I have to give it insulin. Some type 1's take shots and some are on a pump like me.
Here is a quick example of what i do before each meal:

First, I check my blood sugar with a blood glucose monitor. Normal blood sugar range is between 70-120. 378 is too high, so I must correct for my blood sugar reading and carbs that I am about to eat for dinner. When my dinner is ready I take insulin thru my insulin pump. I have to count EVERY carb. Wash hands, Check Blood sugar, Calculate carbs, Take insulin, Then I eat. I do this for every meal. One of the things I dont like about diabetes is when my blood sugar goes too low. It scares me because bad things can happen if I go too low. There are a few different ways that I can prevent this. When I'm out and about I ALWAYS carry my purse with me. Yes, its a big pain with being a teenager because I always have a bag on my hip. My purse will always have my meter, a simple carb (fast acting such as skittles), insulin, extra pump supplies, extra testing strips and emergency supplies. Another way that I prevent lows is blood sugar checks throughout the night. I check at 12am, 3am, and 6am. I always get tired of checking during the night because i dont get a good nights rest. But if Im low, I will get a regular soda that equals 15 carbs, or skittles. If im too high, i give myself insulin though my pump. 160 is just about right to go to sleep knowing I wont drop unless I have been doing exercise. Besides having to manage my diabetes i am a normal teenager. I exercise, hang out with friends, etc but I have extra stuff i have to do. It gets annyoing because treated like you are "special" because you have to check your blood sugar, count carbs, etc. Some of my friends dont understand. When i will check my blood sugar they will always freak out. But im starting to get use to it. My family doesnt understand the difference between type 1 and type 2. They think that if I watch my diet and exercise all the time my diabetes will be "cured". But type 1 isnt cureable. Diabetes will NEVER stop me from doing anything I want. I wanted to be a Paramedic in the Army but I will be a Paramedic at the fire department. Life will be harder with diabetes but I can handle it. If anyone ever need a friend to talk to, feel free to email me:  "Never Lose Hope."

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don't Give Up!

As you may know type one diabetes is really a huge thing to take care of. Everyday 24/7 we are constantly checking our blood sugars and giving ourselves insulin. It can be a very easy job since we do go through it every day but I know that there days where it can be a very hard job. Recently someone who is very close to me has stopped taking care of herself. It is so frustrating to see her go through this because you would think it could be easy to do. The more I have thought about it the more I kind of understand where she is coming from. When you are the only one around with type one diabetes you really don’t want to just get your kit out and check your blood sugar. You really don’t want to have to worry about it when other people are around so that they won’t have to stare at you or ask so many questions. Sometimes because of thinking about what others think of you, you decide to kind of hide what you have. The more I thought about that the more I was thinking that you shouldn’t care about what you have because it’s something that you have to deal with. You should make this terrible disease into something good in your life (try to at least!!). Make it about you being strong. When you look strong and feel confident about it people will look at you and think that you are. Don’t give up about taking care of yourself because you are strong, you are independent, you are the best person that you can be. Don’t quit and keep it up! You got this!
~Stay strong~


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'If there was a cure right now, would you want it?"

Here is a question that I always get asked and I want to see how you would answer it. The question is “If there was a cure right now, would you want it?” Obviously we would all want this cure so that we would not have to go on dealing with this every day. I would love to have a cure so that I wouldn’t have to deal with my blood sugar during the day. I could eat and drink without giving myself any insulin. Then I got thinking…Diabetes has made me who I am today. It has made me independent, strong, unselfish, and many other things. It has made me to think that I got this for a reason. It has made me thankful for the life I have. It makes me see life in a different way because I honestly I didn’t think about others when I didn’t have it. I just thought that everyone who had it was just making up stories and just wanting me to feel sorry for them. Now that I have this I now realize that no, they weren’t making up those stories that they were telling me. They don’t want me to feel sorry for them; they want me to support them. I was just being selfish and not thinking about others. Now since anything can go wrong with me, to worry about if my blood sugar will go low and then I would go into a coma, or whatever I think about everyone, I think about what people go through every day. They could be suffering or dealing with a disease and I don’t want to judge them and not care about them. So my answer is this: yes I would like a cure, but if there was a cure right now I don’t think I would be ready for it.  

~Stay Strong~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Having a disability

"Disability simply refers to something that influences how people treat you and their assumptions. It's not the individual, it's the product of their environment."

My mom posted this quote in a status over Facebook and it really got me thinking. With my disability I have been judged in many ways. When I say that I have this disability to people they kind of look at me like I am different. Yes I am different but you can not tell if I am different. I am like everyone else but my pancreas does not work. People think I can not have sugar, chocolate, or any sweets. Just because I have this disability that people make fun of and say diabetics are "fat", I can have anything I want. I did not get this disability because I ate so much sugar. No one should assume it is because of my weight or from eating so much food. I am not even sure why I ended up with this but it isn't because of my weight. You should not judge me or anyone with this disability or a different disability. I can not help that I ended up getting this. Diabetes does not define who I am. I am me. I am not this disability. I am a regular college student that goes through so much like an average college student. No one should treat me any different because of this. Just because I have this thing attached to me that looks like a pager does not mean I can not do the things that other people do. Don't judge someone by what they look like or what they have. We all have something going on with this and there is no reason to judge or assume anything of anyone. I have this disability, but this disability does not have me. 

~Stay Strong~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Diabetic Monster

So for anyone who just "liked" this page for The Diabetes Monster I just wanted to let you know what this is about! This is something where you can just vent to other diabetics. It's something that you can meet knew people from anywhere and everywhere! Even if your are not a diabetic and you "liked" this page and/or reading this, this is a way that you can try to understand how we feel. This is a way that you can show us support. Diabetes is a monster to us. It tries to destroy us in every way but we are all strong enough to fight this monster! Anyway! I will be blogging, tweeting, and facebooking through The Diabetes Monster so we can all get connected and be there for each other! So stay tuned! :)
~Stay Strong~