Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Vision

In my leadership class we were talking about how every leader needs to have a vision. This got me thinking about what my vision is. As some people may know, I am majoring in Organizational Leadership so I can work in nonprofits such as JDRF (some day) so I can help people like myself and also my sister. I started to think, how could I put that with my vision? In order to have a vision you have to set a goal, have a game plan, and then work towards your vision. So only having this class for about a couple weeks, I think that I have thought of my vision. My vision for my life is to help other diabetics. I want to work for a nonprofit and help people in every way that I can. I want to be that person that can be a role model. I want to be that person that can make a difference. I want to come up with ways to do fundraising so that we can have enough money to find that cure. My goal to achieve this vision is to graduate college (which is VERY soon) and start to work for a nonprofit to work for my dreams. My game plan is to never give up on my dreams and to keep going so I can do what I want in my life. I am never going to stop working for this huge vision. So to end this post, I want to end with a quote that I found in my leadership book. “A goal is more than a dream; it’s a dream being acted upon.”

~Stay Strong~

Here is a vision board to keep me going. It’s always nice to see positive words.