Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cloud Nine

I am so floating high up on cloud 9.

I woke up this am wishing I just could go back to bed.  6 am just comes too fast.  I did not want to go to school, I wanted to sleep.  I resisted the urge, got up, and off I went.  I catch the 6:39 am bus to go to school. 

Fast forward a few hours and I'm on my way home.  I come home and Jan (roommate/friend) tells me she saved the paper as there was an article on Juvenile Diabetes she thought I would be interested in.  I was excited. 

I look at the paper.  It is the front page of the living section.  It is about a mom who has a T1D daughter on the pump and cgm.  The front picture showed her Dexcom G4 (yes I'm very jealous as I'm still using the Seven +) and a picture of her sister testing her blood glucose.  The article was about their family and how the mom has a FB group for  locals  and even runs a T1D support group at the local hospital.  In the article was information on the FB group, when the support group meetings are held, and an e-mail to contact the mom.

Right away I requested to join the group on FB and I e-mailed the mom.  I cannot tell anyone how much this made my day.  Most of you know I was living in the Boston area and recently moved to Pennsylvania.  I was going to local support groups and events, mostly an insulin pumpers group.  I was so sad to leave that all behind.  I cannot wait to attend these meetings and get to know my local D peeps. 

Now my day has been made.  It is perfect.  Some may think of this a a small thing, but its the little things that make the world so great. 

For those interested in the online version of the article you may check it out here.