Thursday, April 16, 2015

I am healthy

In 2012, when I was diagnosed with type one diabetes I only weighed 95 pounds. I was seriously all skin and bones. You could see every bone in my body. My hair was so thin (even though my hair is already thin ;) ) I was so weak and so tired. But for some reason I thought I looked okay. The thought of only weighing 95 pounds felt okay to me. The more I looked at myself the more I was some what worried but some what okay with it. When I started to take my insulin I could tell that I was starting to gain some weight. I started freaking out because I wasn’t 95 pounds anymore. I didn’t have a flat stomach anymore. I was just so used to seeing all bones. I thought it was okay to weigh 95 pounds. I thought it was some what healthy. (Obviously it isn’t lol) Every time I would go to the doctors for my endo appointment I would not want to see what I weighed. The more I looked at myself the more I was starting to think something. I was starting to think what was I thinking? 95 pounds isn’t healthy for me. That wasn’t okay to see every bone in my body. It’s been about 3 years and I now weigh about 115 pounds. I am okay with that! That to me is a healthy weight. I am perfect the way I am. I am now healthier than ever because I have my insulin. I am happy now that I don’t have a “perfect” stomach. I am so happy about my health, body, and diabetes. I think that everyone deals with body imagine issues, but just know that you are perfect in your own way. You all are beautiful people inside and out. No matter what you weigh, you are perfect. You are healthy. You are beautiful.

~Stay Strong~


This was me in 2012. 95 pounds.

This is me now. 115 pounds. 

This is me now. 115 pounds.