Friday, March 28, 2014

Guest Post: Meet Justine Perkins, who has type one diabetes!

Hi. My name is Justine and I have Type 1 diabetes. Having Type 1 means that my pancreas does not produce insulin needed to balance my blood sugar. So I have to give it insulin. Some type 1's take shots and some are on a pump like me.
Here is a quick example of what i do before each meal:

First, I check my blood sugar with a blood glucose monitor. Normal blood sugar range is between 70-120. 378 is too high, so I must correct for my blood sugar reading and carbs that I am about to eat for dinner. When my dinner is ready I take insulin thru my insulin pump. I have to count EVERY carb. Wash hands, Check Blood sugar, Calculate carbs, Take insulin, Then I eat. I do this for every meal. One of the things I dont like about diabetes is when my blood sugar goes too low. It scares me because bad things can happen if I go too low. There are a few different ways that I can prevent this. When I'm out and about I ALWAYS carry my purse with me. Yes, its a big pain with being a teenager because I always have a bag on my hip. My purse will always have my meter, a simple carb (fast acting such as skittles), insulin, extra pump supplies, extra testing strips and emergency supplies. Another way that I prevent lows is blood sugar checks throughout the night. I check at 12am, 3am, and 6am. I always get tired of checking during the night because i dont get a good nights rest. But if Im low, I will get a regular soda that equals 15 carbs, or skittles. If im too high, i give myself insulin though my pump. 160 is just about right to go to sleep knowing I wont drop unless I have been doing exercise. Besides having to manage my diabetes i am a normal teenager. I exercise, hang out with friends, etc but I have extra stuff i have to do. It gets annyoing because treated like you are "special" because you have to check your blood sugar, count carbs, etc. Some of my friends dont understand. When i will check my blood sugar they will always freak out. But im starting to get use to it. My family doesnt understand the difference between type 1 and type 2. They think that if I watch my diet and exercise all the time my diabetes will be "cured". But type 1 isnt cureable. Diabetes will NEVER stop me from doing anything I want. I wanted to be a Paramedic in the Army but I will be a Paramedic at the fire department. Life will be harder with diabetes but I can handle it. If anyone ever need a friend to talk to, feel free to email me:  "Never Lose Hope."

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