Monday, February 13, 2012

Insulin ... Will you be mine?

Well it's that time of year when sports are starting up again. I'm not super interested in
sports, but I'm all about soccer. When playing sports, it's extremely important to stay
aware of yourself so you can sense when something isn't where it should be. The most
common thing you will encounter is a low blood sugar. I don't know how it is for other
people, but when I'm active, I can't tell if I'm having a low blood sugar or not so its
important that I check my blood sugar often. Whether you can feel it or not, it's always
important because you could have a low or high spike out of nowhere and not feel it
right away. Another add on to this blog is about Valentine's Day. Everyone's gonna be
getting candy and gifts and the candy along with excitement is sure to cause high blood
sugars. Candy can be good, but try to enjoy it in moderation. You can't make yourself
not be excited about something so just keep yourself in check, and remember: Insulin is
your friend.