Friday, February 17, 2012


Two things that go hand in hand: diabetes and attitude. In some situations your attitude
is affected by blood sugars, but I've also noticed that your blood sugars can vary with
your attitude. I'm sure every diabetic is tired of hearing that they need to check their
blood sugars and take insulin but a way you can avoid hearing that is by your attitude.
Most times, if you're cranky or sassy,it's because of either a high or low blood sugar. But
when it's not because of that, you just need an attitude adjustment. I'm sure every kid/
teen has heard that at least once in their life. Unless you're me and hear it quite often.
Everyone will get scolded at some point because of a bad attitude. So if you notice
you're being unpleasant in any way, then yeah, you probably need to check you're blood
sugar. So go ahead and do it yourself and fix the problem before someone has to do it
for you. I'm not gonna say its easy to do, because I rarely ever do, but I just have to try.
It'll take time to get used to it, but it'll be way better when you can adjust yourself on
your own.