Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stressing the Diabetes Monster

Let me introduce you to a word called "stress". We all deal with it no matter who you
are. Diabetes and stress are eternal enemies. Whether its good stress, or bad stress.
Now, I don't know how it is for everybody, but for me, when I'm super excited or happy,
my blood sugars skyrocket. On the other hand, when I'm upset or angry, I get low blood
sugars. We can't make our diabetes cooperate with stress, but we can notice signs so
that we can at least tell when our attitude might be getting out of control. This kind of
connects with the last 2 posts. Attitude is everything. If you get stressed and you have a
high blood sugar what do you do? In most circumstances you would probably snap at
someone or make an unnecessary comment. And sometimes people will understand
that you have trouble with stress and diabetes, but not everyone will be that
understanding. What you need to do is realize when you start feeling kind of agitated
and either check your blood sugars because you might need a little insulin, or just kind
of pull someone aside and say, "You know, when I get stressed my diabetes goes a little
out of control and my attitude gets a little sour," but don't let your mouth or actions get
the best of you. The Diabetes Monster is a wild beast and like I said, we can't tame it,
but we can learn to work around it.