Friday, September 4, 2015

My Insulin Pump is My Fashion Statement

Definition of Fashion Statement: something that you own or wear that is considered new or different, and that is intended to make other people notice you.

My insulin pump is my fashion statement. It's noticeable and it's something different. As a T1D I sometimes wish I could hide it because so many people stare, but I don't care anymore. It's something that'll have forever. Something that keeps me alive. Something that has to go with all my outfits. Something that I will wear and not be ashamed of. I feel beautiful when I wear it. I feel confident and strong wearing it. I am proud to wear my insulin pump and I will continue to show it off! I know it can feel lame or not cool to show it off but who cares what people think! This is you. Have fun with it and show it off! You're so strong, awesome, beautiful, handsome, and many more things while wearing your insulin pump! Now let me see those pumps!

~Stay Strong