Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Monster Revealed

When we're little, we learn to fear the monsters we can't see like the monster under the bed, and the monster lurking in the shadows of our closet. On January 21st of 2005, I learned to fear the Diabetes Monster. Most people will tell you that there are bigger monsters out there, but if we don't see the monster or feel it, how are we to fear it? Another thing we must learn is that The Diabetes Monster is a beast that cannot be tamed nor controlled, but it is also not a thing we must fear. To fear this monster is to shelter yourself from changes you could make in the world. Every person has the potential to become something greater than they ever imagined; you just have to overcome your fears and accept your differences. We are not "Diabetics", we are creative individuals who happened to become acquainted with, The Diabetes Monster.