Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dream Diabetes Device Wildcard

Today's assigned topic is Diabetes Art - Saturday 5/18.  Because of my parents being in town at the last minute I did not have time to come up with something.  So I picked the wild card topic of Dream Diabetes Device.

I hate carrying around tons of stuff.  I hate having to have a large purse for my meter, syringes, back up pump supplies, insulin, glucagon, low treatments (usually Level Gel), then inhaler, epi pen, etc.  Then you have the house/car keys, wallet, cell phone, etc.  It adds up and gets heavy.

My dream device would be an all in one.  An insulin pump/CGM/glucometer/smart phone.  It would be an "artificial Pancreas" pump so I didn't have to carry around the glucagon kit.  The CGM sensor and infusion set would be one site combined together that sticks well, does not leave a rash, etc.  This would be no larger than any current iPhone or android smart phone. 

I would like to see it in both iPhone and Android OS so it attacks users of both phone lines.  I would like to see it available on all cell phone carriers, at a reasonable cell plan with data.  All insurance companies must cover it at 100% and those with out insurance there needs to be patient assistance programs to have sponsors buy the person their pump device.

I would like this to have the option for children to text the parents their bg's and other info needed.  There will be an option to send the data from the device to the endo office for review.  Oh and this will work perfectly!

The way medical technology is going, I do thing this kind of device in the future may be possible.  Lets cross our fingers that someone will be reading all these "Dream Diabetes Device" blog posts and take our ideas and develop a product.